Welcome to Holy Cross Physical 


HAPPY FALL!  I hope that everyone has settled in well to the school year! Classes have been a blast so far!

Be sure to be prepared for phys ed each day!

Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade started their Halloween Activities Unit (Catching Pumpkins and Ghosts)! What a great way to work on our tossing and catching.

Grades 2-6 started their Halloween Activities Unit. This week, classes played Ghostbusters & The Haunted Mansion. Both activities were a huge hit!

Coming in May, 2022!

NASCAR is coming to Holy Cross!  Our unit will be called  Holy Cross Fitness Racing.  The cars are ordered and will soon arrive and be tested.  You will get the thrill of racing, while learning how to race in a crowd. Students will learn about strategic decision making, get a full cardio workout, and work out many different muscle groups.  More to come in the upcoming 

Our Second Graders working on some Hockey Skills.

Our Fourth Grade working on Hockey Skills.





 Congratulations students on doing a fabulous job with our Kids Heart Challenge Jump-A-Thon.  We collected $2717.63 WOW!


Great Team Play by 5V Phys Ed class.  Final scores this week were 5-5 and 3-3.  So proud of their achievements and NO QUIT Work Ethic!  



Check out our fabulous first graders playing Team Handball!